stalk shredder mobile

Series: TRB / TRP




A great machine in a small space. Finally we have solved the problem of the storage of the grape stalks after crushing.

Series: TRM / TRS / TRL


Models series specifically designed for large productions.

Series: TR4 / TR5 / TR6


GBM also offers consulting and development of special machines,custom project for satisfy any necessity.

the world first
Stalk shredder

The company GBM has been operating for years in the agricultural mechanization industry and today has a long experience alongside wine processing.
At the beginning of 2000 the GBM studied and developed specific machines for the treatment of one of the main by-products of the wine-making process: the sprig ofgrapes or spine or GRASPO, as it is expelled from the pressing machines.

Normally the stalk, constitutes a problem of disposal, for the volume it occupies. To remedy this problem, the stalk shredder
has been developed. Machine with special steel rotor assembled with knives, housed in a steel structure designed to channel the stalk. The high speed rotation obtained by electric engine transmission, suitably proportioned from place to shreding, then to the consequent reduction equal to80-85% of the initial volume; The result is a significant gain in terms of transport and disposal.


For the company and the environment

Tradition and innovation are Merged to offer a great competitive advantage in respect for the environment.

Environment friendly

Using our machines allows to reduce up to 85% the volume of the stalks which, shredded, can be disposed more easily or used for composting or in other processes such as distillation.

resource optimization

Our machines can be integrated into other wine processing systems and equipment used in your winery; Implementing our machine means to optimize costs and resources, for the development of a modern viticulture.

No more mosquitos

The possibility to shredder the stalks and to dispose of them in a fast and economical way avoid also the proliferation of the mosquitos (gnats) so hated by all the oenologists of the world.


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