The Idea

GBM works from decades in the wine maker industry, it has been developed and build machines to treat the grapes stalk, one of the main by-products of the process.
The greape stalks is a waste material of the wine process that can be either disposed in the vigna as a fertilization or reused in other processes such as distillation.
the stalks anyway must be transported to the place of disposal or reuse.


La G.B.M. produces a wide range of grape stalk shredder in oder to meet all the customer needs.
In this web site you can see a resume of the data-sheet of the machines, if you need more info don't hesitate to contact us.

more than 4000 cuts per seconds allows the machine to reduce the volumes up-to 85%.

You will have the following advantages:

  • Volume reduction of the organic waste
  • Greater hygiene in the operating environment
  • Space reduction needed for stocking the stalks
  • Cost reducing for disposal