All TR set machines are in conformance with the machines directive and are provided with CE marking and the prescribed documentation.

Although the machines are provided with all accident prevention measures necessary to guarantee the operator safety, they are provided with cutting devices that are however a ranger cause for people, animals or things that are accidentally introduced inside during the functioning.
The machines and their action zone must so be considered integrating parts of the process and as all other machines, placed under the safety responsible control.
The machine so as supplied from the manufacturer can be used only and exclusively for the grape stalks mincing generated after the grape bunches wine pressing used in the wine processes.
It besides must be fed only and exclusively through an automatic system that can be or a conveyor tape or an Archimedean screw system.

Sonorous pressure:
All models with Archimedean screw unloading produce a sonorous pressure inferior to 85 dB.
TR4 machine in basic version functioning at the maximum power generates in its proximities a sonorous pressure that can exceed 90 dB.
It so cannot be installed in closed rooms or in placed where restrictions are prescribed to the sonorous pressure value.
If these conditions take place an adequate protection must be prepared through acoustic insulation panels.
Its conduction must in every case be performed from personnel provided with adequate protection for the hearing.

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