Stalk Shredder

Models: TRM / TRS / TRL / TRX


models and versions

TRM - medium / a great machine in a small space

These are compact movable grape-stalk shredders, the ideal machines for medium production.

TRM resolves the stalks shredding produced from wine press machines with production up to 30 quintal/hour, the new machine set from GBM, works all experience accumulated from the Firm in the machines production for the stalks shredding and supports the super checked machines TR4, TR5, TR6 and TRP.

TRM thanks to a X innovative structure condenses in a minimum space a cut power section and an effective evacuation system of the product, that is directly loaded on a normal palletized container without any intervention of the operator.

TRM works lent to the wine press machines from which it receives directly the stalks and in a route of at least 1.5m leaves them, thinly shredded in the harvest container through a checkable conveyer belt.
 The particular modular manufacturing architecture of TRM allows adapting easily to the unloading mouth of any wine press machine.

TRM with an installed power of at least 1.5kW can be fed directly from the wine press machine and it is supplied completed of all devices necessary to work in full safety in conformance with the machines directive.

TRS - small

TRL - large

Why buy a

These machines are made of stainless steel; they have a electric engine with attached knives or blades that allows to shredder the stalks,  and reduce the volume of the grape stalk up-to 85%.

Once processed, the stalks are moved in special containers for disposal.
Many companies also use a vacuum cleaner, which sucks the grape stalks and takes them directly to the collection points.
The stalk shredder gives a lot of advantages because it transforms the stalks, which are not considered by the current laws by-products of winemaking, in material that can be disposed of or used in other ways.
In fact, many farmers once shredder the stalks use them as fertiliser. It can also be used to produce energy.


All TR set machines are in conformance with the machines directive and are provided with CE marking and the prescribed documentation.

Although the machines are provided with all accident prevention measures necessary to guarantee the operator safety, they are provided with cutting devices that are however a ranger cause for people, animals or things that are accidentally introduced inside during the functioning.
The machines and their action zone must so be considered integrating parts of the process and as all other machines, placed under the safety responsible control.
The machine so as supplied from the manufacturer can be used only and exclusively for the grape stalks mincing generated after the grape bunches wine pressing used in the wine processes.
It besides must be fed only and exclusively through an automatic system that can be or a conveyor tape or an Archimedean screw system.

Sonorous pressure:
All models with Archimedean screw unloading produce a sonorous pressure inferior to 85 dB.
TR4 machine in basic version functioning at the maximum power generates in its proximities a sonorous pressure that can exceed 90 dB.
It so cannot be installed in closed rooms or in placed where restrictions are prescribed to the sonorous pressure value.
If these conditions take place an adequate protection must be prepared through acoustic insulation panels.
Its conduction must in every case be performed from personnel provided with adequate protection for the hearing.

Our machine

movable Stalk shredder

Series: TRM / TRS / TRL / TRX

A big machine in a small space .

Serie: TRB / TRP

Machines specifically designed for big production.

Serie: TR-4 / TR-5 / TR-6

GBM also offers consulting and development of special machines,custom project for satisfy any necessity.