All machines in the TR series comply with the CE-branded directive and the required documentation.

Although the machines are equipped with all the incident prevention measures necessary to ensure operator safety, cutting devices can still cause watermelons to people, animals or things that are accidentally introduced into the range of action of the trinciaraspi.
Machines and their area of action should be considered as integral parts of the process and like all others, placed under the control of the safety officer.
The machine as provided by the manufacturer can be used only and exclusively to chop the grape raspi obtained after the pressing of the bunches used in the wine processes.
It must also be powered only and exclusively through an automatic system that can be either a conveyor belt or an Archimedes screw system.

Sound pressure:
All Archimedes screw exhaust models produce a sound pressure of less than 85 dB.
The TR4 machine in the basic version working at maximum power generates a sound pressure in its vicinity that can exceed 90 dB.
It cannot therefore be installed indoors or in places where restrictions on the value of sound pressure are prescribed.
If these conditions occur, adequate protection must be provided through insulating acoustic panels.
In any case, its conduct must be carried out by staff with adequate protection for hearing.